Overnight Parking in Sunset Point
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2017

Section 17. Parking: Off-Water Boat Storage.
(a) No vehicles, trucks, vans, cars, trailers, construction equipment, etc. may be parked overnight on any Roadway within the Property.
(b) Commercial-use vehicles and trucks not involved with construction activity on the Property and having a carrying capacity and/or size designation greater than or equal to three- fourths (3/4th) ton, shall not be permitted to park overnight on the Roadways, driveways or otherwise within the Property, unless stored in an enclosed garage. No vehicle of any size which transports inflammatory or explosive cargo may be kept within the Property at any time. No vehicles that are not in a condition to be normally operated or that do not have a current registration tag may be stored or situated on any Lot for more than thirty (30) days unless stored in an enclosed garage.
(c) The Owner of each Lot will be responsible for providing on such Owner's Lot a sufficient paved parking area for all vehicles normally parked and/or situated on or in regard to such Lot.
(d) No recreational vehicles or related equipment, including any boat, houseboat, trailer, motor home or "camper" vehicle may be maintained, stored or kept on any portion of the Property, except in enclosed garages or in an enclosure specifically approved for such maintenance or storage by the Architectural Control Committee. Boats may be parked in the area designated as Boat Storage Area, wherein individual spaces shall be designated for an Owner on a first come/first served basis.
(e) No construction office trailers may be placed, erected or allowed to remain on any Lots during construction, except as approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee. Provided, however, nothing herein shall prohibit Declarant from erecting or moving temporary buildings onto Lots owned by Declarant to be used as construction or sales offices. Other construction vehicles (trucks, vans, cars, construction equipment, equipment trailers, etc.) may be left overnight on the Property (including any R-74159v02 20 Lot or Roadway) only in accordance with such rules as may be established by the Architectural Control Committee.