Duke Energy Update
Posted on Feb 21st, 2019

Greetings Neighbors,

As you will recall at the Appeals Board hearing December 13, the board chair suggested that as the representative of the largest community interest group as president of the Sunset Point Homeowners’ association, the representative of Duke Energy contact me to arrange a meeting with area residents to share and discuss concerns regarding the proposed recreational park to be established by Duke Energy in our community in order for Duke Energy to comply with federal law to continue operation of the Duke Energy use of the Lake Wylie water supply as a resource for continued service.  Approximately three weeks ago, I was contacted by Mr. Jay McMullen, the Duke Energy representative that made the presentation at the December 13th hearing. During my telephone discussion, Mr. McMullen stated Duke Energy has withdrawn, temporarily, its application for service from the Appeals Board. Also, during that conversation, Mr. McMullen stated that the presentation on December 13th was intended to be only a concept and not anything concrete, although at the time, myself and others from the Sunset Point single family homes, heard his presentation as more than simply a concept. I am sure you will agree. I informed Mr. McMullen that I have secured a location that would accommodate around 60 people to provide for a large group of Sunset Point (this includes the Sunset Point Town Homes), Elks Park and India Hook residents that would like to also share their concerns. Subsequently, I requested, from the Appeals Board, a copy of the sign in sheet from the December 13th meeting of residents that attended that hearing so that everyone with an invested interest in Duke Energy’s recreational park project might have an opportunity for input or at least to be heard. Mr. McMullen was agreeable to this larger forum.

For information, several residents of the Sunset Point Single Family Homes have been very proactive and have contacted our State representative, Senator Lindsey Graham’s office, the Newport Fire and Rescue, York County Sheriff’s Department, Rock Hill Utilities, Rock Hill Parks and Recreation Department and others regarding safety, traffic management, trash, water intake pumps…basically the resources needed to support additional vehicular and human traffic to our community, drugs, devaluation of property, etc… and the answers are disturbing.

On February 8th, I received a call from Mr. John Crutchfield, Director of Public Safety and Recreational Planning for Duke Energy. Mr. Crutchfield also assured me that Duke Energy has withdrawn its application from the Appeals Board. Mr. Crutchfield invited me and three others along with four others from Duke Energy to a luncheon meeting, which we agreed to be on Friday, March 1st, at the conference room at the York County Chamber of Commerce, for a small group “Question and Answer” session. Although this group was limited to a total of eight by Mr. Crutchfield, I assure you that I will insist on a larger follow up meeting to provide you and other neighbors an opportunity to be heard.

Since you were at the December 13th meeting and heard my presentation of concerns, I feel certain we all are in agreement. So that we might be better enabled to communicate any developments, please share with me your email address and concerns along with your name and best phone number to

With regards,


Randy D. Steele, Ed.D.

SSP SF HOA Board President