Townhome Traffic
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2014

The Sunset Point Townhome Board of Directors requests your assistance in addressing the traffic through the Townhome area by Single Family homeowners. There is a high level of traffic on Dusk Dr. and Hightide Dr. coming from and going to Twin Lakes Dr. by single family homeowners. This is being observed particularly in the morning/evening hours on weekdays, throughout the weekend and particularly when school is starting and letting out. This increased traffic adds considerably to the wear of our private streets with the cost to repair and maintain them being the total responsibility of our association. This is a significant financial responsibility for us and there is not public support by any city or county source.
We have posted signs in the past at the entrances to the Townhomes which eased the traffic for a short period of time but these signs have become ineffective. These signs clearly state that no through traffic is allowed and that the roads are private.

As you are aware, the pool is a shared element which is dually deeded and the Townhome association pays their part of that expense. We also contribute to maintaining the beach, boardwalk and pavilion which are not deeded to us. It might, therefore make sense for the Townhome private roads to be used by Single Family residents, if there were a similar cost sharing arrangement, but there is not.

The Townhome Board of Directors, therefore, kindly request that you communicate to your homeowners that the streets in the Townhome area of Sunset point are private, are maintained by the Townhome association and are not accessible for through traffic by single family homeowners.
We appreciate your attention to this matter and thank you for any measures that you will take to help alleviate this traffic.

Cliff Counts